Hoofcount Standard

  • The Hoofcount foot bath has been added to a number of robotic milking systems of all manufacturers and layouts.
  • The bespoke design of the Hoofcount bath enables us to build and install an effective foot bath for maximum benefit.
  • The standard Hoofcount Footbath is up to 3m long and 800mm (internal) wide. This bath allows 2 dips per hoof and is used mostly in smaller herds and especially off Robotic systems.


Product Benefits

All Hoofcount baths come with the same control box as standard.

This has 2 chemical pumps to allow a farmer to alternate chemical solution. The foot bath may be operated using the Cow Counter, a timer, or manually. A farmer can decide how much chemical and which chemical to use on different days. Good foot bathing practice is seen to be ‘little and often’. This being everyday, the chemical ratio in the bath may be as low as 1.5%.

We have also released another new product called the Spray Wave. This new spray bar ensures the bath is washed out from top to bottom and will push any excess muck out of the bath during the washing our process. This product can also be fit to existing baths but comes as standard to new ones.

In addition to the foot baths, we supply the iCAM. This is a touch screen control box which is most beneficial to customers with more than one foot bath on their farm. By controlling all foot baths from one central box, a farmer may change the settings on all the foot baths at the same time and ensure that all the foot baths are working in exactly the same way.

This new control system allows other professionals such as vets, hoof-trimmers and herdsman to input data regarding lameness. The system may then decide on the correct chemical mix to add to the bath in order to best deal with lameness. The ICaM can be purchased with a new foot bath or added to an existing foot bath.

How does it work?

Click here to see how the Hoofcount Standard works

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