SenseHub™ Dairy

SenseHub™ is a sophisticated, modular cow monitoring solution that delivers actionable information on the reproductive, health, nutritional and wellbeing status of individual cows and groups.

With SenseHub, dairy farmers with any size operation, including large farms with over 1000 animals, can make data-driven decisions for maximized productivity. The system offers a choice of neck or ear tags, varied application plan levels, payment options, and user devices. Different tag types and application levels can be used together on the same farm, enabling all populations to be monitored. Simple to install, use and maintain, SenseHub can be easily integrated with most sorting gates.

It is also easily upgradable, providing value from the start, with long-term investment protection.

Gain actionable insight into every animal’s status, in all populations, across the full animal lifecycle

Monitor all cattle on your dairy farm, from birth to culling, according to the specific needs of each population. With the ability to match tag type and application plan level to the various populations on your farm, you can gain actionable insights to optimize the productivity and wellbeing of all your livestock, for more sustainable and profitable operations.

  • Maximize conception rates, production and profitability, with advanced heat and health monitoring

  • Optimize heifer reproduction monitoring by using multiple application plans on your farm 

  • Maximize the potential value of young stock while reducing risks and costs

Get an exceptionally flexible solution that meets your changing needs

Assemble your monitoring solution to best suit the different populations on your dairy farm, and your operational and business needs. Choose the tags, application levels, devices and payment models that suit you now, and make adjustments as individual animals transfer to different populations and as your needs change.

  • Use the right tag at the right time

  • Use the right application for the right population

  • Choose your preferred payment option

  • Utilize your preferred user devices

Manage your dairy farm livestock with maximum convenience

Utilize a variety of management solutions, tools, and options according to size and infrastructure of your farm. With Allflex Livestock Intelligence’s modular approach, you can assemble your full monitoring and management solution according to your needs now and change or upgrade specific aspects as your needs evolve.

  • Monitor large dairy herds of over 1,000 cows with SenseHub on Server

  • Easily and efficintly find cows using your existing sorting gate

  • Boost efficiency across your farm with integrated cow monitoring and herd management

  • Work with a modular, scalable solution that adjusts as your farm grows

How does it work?

Click here to see how the SenseHub™ Dairy works

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