SenseHub™ Drafting Gates

SenseHub™ drafting gates can be integrated with the system to provide an accurate and labour saving device that will direct cow traffic (automatically or manually) to the correct drafting pen in a cow friendly and stress less way.

For example, cows with heat activity, lameness, illness (milk fever, grass tetany, ketosis etc.) health alert can be automatically separated off after milking. By inputting the cows ID into the SenseHub™has  terminal, the user can override the system and draft cows for other routine tasks – dosing, culling, drying etc.   


  • Highly accurate sorting system
  • Automatic and Manual – integrates with the SenseHub™ system
  • Reduces labour costs
  • Optional sorting 2 0r 3 ways, left or right
  • Sturdy roust and cow friendly design

How does it work?

Click here to see how the SenseHub™ Sorting Gates work

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